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Static caravans, also known as a caravan holiday home, holiday caravan, holiday home or a leisure home. They are designed to be sited and remain on that pitch, it is therefore essential to organise the purchase of a holiday home in conjunction with its location - Golden Sands Rhyl is an ideal location.

ABI caravan sales wales ABI Static Caravans Wales
ABI ( Ace Belmont International ) was formed in 1972 as a result of a merger between Ace touring caravans and Belmont caravans (leisure homes). In 2001 Mel Copper took the reins and immediately withdrew from the Touring caravan market to concentrate solely on caravan holiday homes. In 2004 the management team headed by Mel Copper and Andrew Allwood successfully completed a management buyout of ABI thus ensuring it's continued success.

Atlas caravan sales wales Atlas Static Caravans Wales
Atlas Caravans are based in Hull and won the caravan industry Caravan Holiday Home of the Year 2006.

BK Bluebird caravan sales wales BK Bluebird Static Caravans Wales
BK and Bluebird names have been associated with top quality caravans since 1947. Today BK Bluebird are the foremost builder of caravan holiday homes on the south coast.

Cosalt Bluebird caravan sales wales Cosalt Static Caravans Wales
Cosalt Holiday Homes is based in Hull. Cosalt is another example of a manufacturer withdrawing from the touring caravan market to concentrate on holiday homes.

Pemberton caravan sales wales Pemberton Static Caravans Wales
Pemberton Caravans started manufacturing holiday caravans in the Pemberton district of Wigan in the late 1940's. Pemberton moved to the Springfield district of Wigan in 1955 from which site they still operate.

Willerby caravan sales wales Willerby Static Caravans Wales
Willerby Caravans was founded in Hull in 1944 by Walter Allen. Within six months they had built almost 800 steel framed, canvassed walled and roofed small caravans. This marked the birth of the first mass-produced caravans. In 1996, the Willerby Caravan Company Limited became Willerby Holiday Homes.