ABI St David

2019-05-23T11:44:35+01:0022nd May 2019|

However you choose to spend your holidays, the St David is the perfect choice! With an open plan, fresh and stylish interior, this luxury holiday home has all the space you need with just the right amount of cosiness, with [...]

ABI Ashridge

2019-06-06T10:38:53+01:0014th May 2019|

This stunning 2012 Ashridge from ABI makes you feel completely at home, with its large comfy L-shaped sofa that's has pull out guest bed and free standing arm chair. The modern fitted kitchen has all the appliances you would need [...]

Regal Symphony

2019-05-12T15:16:57+01:0012th May 2019|

This 2013 Regal Symphony is a magnificent holiday home, blending together style and function, light and space, and design all in perfect harmony. In the open plan living area there is feature TV unit with rounded, gloss cupboard doors, comfortable [...]

ABI Beaumont

2019-05-13T09:04:46+01:002nd May 2019|

This stunning 2017 luxury model from ABI features a level of luxury and quality that is designed to take your breath away! The Beaumont is filled with all the little luxuries of home that really take it to the next [...]

ABI Elan

2019-05-10T16:38:56+01:0018th April 2019|

This beautiful Elan from ABI is double glazed, centrally heated with a large spacious living area, three spacious bedrooms and a modern, well-equipped kitchen that means the whole family can stay in comfort. The price includes site fee's until 2020, [...]