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Owners Update, 14.12.20

Please take the time to read through this latest update on travel and access to your holiday home at Golden Sands Holiday Park.



As you are aware the Government restrictions set out on Wednesday 2nd December stated that from Friday 4th December 2020, Owners from tiers 1 and 2 were permitted to travel to Golden Sands and stay in their caravans. At that point Owners in tier 3 were not permitted to do so whatsoever.


We are pleased to advise that our governing bodies have confirmed that we can allow Owners travelling from a tier 3 area to travel to Golden Sands Holiday Park but only to collect belongings and to winterise their caravans. To be absolutely clear, Owners from Tier 3 areas are only able to travel for these reasons and WILL NOT be permitted to stay overnight in any circumstances. Failure to comply will result in disconnection of your caravan and we will be obliged to report you to the authorities.


We also ask that if you are planning on coming to the Park, please call ahead and let us know you are coming otherwise the Security Team may turn you away. The number you will need to do this is 01745343606.



Golden Sands Holiday Park have tried to do what we can to support our Owners throughout the pandemic and it has now been agreed that Owners with home addresses in tier 3 areas will receive a partial site fee rebate of 30% backdated from 4th December 2020 and running until the 31st December 2020.


This rebate will be dealt with in the same way as previous rebates and added to your Owner’s account. We must also make it clear that if Owners from tier 3 choose to utlilise or rent out their units throughout this period, then they will forfeit the rebate.



If you have previously requested for this to be done then it will already have been completed by our Maintenance Team. If you would like us still to do this for you, then please call the office or send back the Winterisation Form that was sent previously.



Please may we remind all Owners that if you are renting your caravans then YOU MUST fill in a Private Registration Form as it is crucial that we know who is on park and that we have their contact details to ensure track and trace compliance.

We hope that this information is well received by all of our Owners, especially those in tier 3 and we continue to look forward to being able to fully welcome everybody back to Golden Sands soon.


Thank you,


The Golden Sands Team

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