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Owners Update-Wesh lockdown

As you are aware, the Welsh Government gave an update on the latest Covid-19 restrictions on Friday 12th March. We have since had clarification from our governing bodies and are able to update you on exactly how these restrictions affect our park.


From the 27th March, we are able to welcome any owners who have registered home addresses in Wales back to the park. We are also happy to inform you that all owners are able to rent out their caravans to people from Wales, however, any bookings must all be from the same household.


We are hoping that the Welsh Government will be aligned with the English Government and we will be able to open to all on the 12th April, however, this cannot be confirmed until the next update from the Welsh Government which is due on the 2nd April.  


We would like to remind you that the current rebate will remain for owners from England who cannot come to park and who choose not to rent out their holiday home.  If you are from a Welsh residence, then your rebate will cease on 27th March. If you are from England and choose to rent out your caravan, then this will mean you will no longer be entitled to the rebate.


For clarification we feel it is important to mention that whilst Welsh guests can return to Golden Sands Holiday Park from the 27th March, this will be for accommodation only. All of the on-park facilities including the launderette, swimming pool, and the main entertainment venue (including arcade, bars, and restaurant) will remain closed due to ongoing restrictions. Reception will be open for phone calls and contactless check-in only.


Unfortunately, caravan owners from outside of Wales are unable to travel to park in order to get their caravans ready at this time due to Welsh government rules on reopening.


Whilst we understand this is not the news we were all hoping for, it is a small step in the right direction and we look forward to welcoming more of you back very soon.


Thank you,


The Golden Sands Team

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