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Update for Owners regarding travelling to Wales

We are happy to confirm that from 6:00pm on Friday 4th December, we will be permitted to welcome some of our Owners back to Golden Sands Holiday Park. The newly issued guidelines state that if you reside in tier 1 or tier 2 then you are permitted to travel to and from Wales. If your home residence is in tier 3, then travel is not yet permitted.


We have used the Government’s postcode checker and the address that you have given as your home address to enable us to establish which tier you will be travelling from. The Security Team have been given a spreadsheet stating who is able to travel and who isn’t. We must ask that if you are in a tier 3 area that you do not attempt to travel to Golden Sands. If you are from a tier 3 area and choose travel to the Park, then please be aware that we will ask you to leave the Park and return home.


If you choose to ignore this warning, we have been instructed to report you to the authorities.


Please know that we do not have a choice but to do this, we cannot open the Park for other Owners unless we do abide by these rules. Throughout the pandemic we have been guided by our Governing bodies, along with the local authorities and we will continue to follow their rules and guidance to ensure safety to all.


Restrictions in Wales



Please note that according to current laws and restrictions in Wales, we cannot open the main facilities at Golden Sands, even though we can now allow access to the Park  to our Owners. The Sandpiper, Carousel Bar, Pool and Arcade will remain closed until further notice.


We are hoping that the Government will give us the green light to lift more restrictions as we get closer to the Christmas period and that we can ALL return to Golden Sands to decorate our caravans and spread some Christmas cheer!


Thank you again for your patience. We understand that for some this is great news and for others it is not. We will also do our best to keep updating you as regularly, quickly and as honestly as we can.


Please stay safe,


The Golden Sands Team


If you would like to check which tier you are in the website you will need is: Find out the coronavirus restrictions in your local area - GOV.UK (

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