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An update for Golden Sands Owners, 21 June 2020

21st June 2020


On Friday (19th June 2020) we posted a brief note on our social media platform to confirm that the Welsh Government had announced that there would be an easing of travel restrictions within and to Wales and that holiday bookings into self-catering accommodation would be permitted from Monday 13th July. This clearly affects holiday home owners and we promised to provide you with more details in due course...


Please note: Although very positive news, the Welsh Government have indicated that this date is subject to change at any time in accordance to the Welsh Minister’s daily updates regarding the COVID-19 developments. They have not as yet given any indication of when restaurants, bars and similar facilities will be able to open and we will continue to keep you up to date as more information is provided and apologise that some areas remain uncertain.


We are delighted that we are able to now make plans for our Owners to return to the Park from Monday 13th July. Golden Sands is very much looking forward to welcoming you back. There will no doubt be many questions that arise from this decision and we have tried to explain as much as possible below:


Holidaymakers and the effect on bookings made directly with Owners


We may also be opening to holidaymakers on the 13th, but we will confirm and release a separate statement on that in due course. We would ask at this time that you do not arrange any private bookings for your Holiday Home until the Holidaymakers statement has been finalised and published.


Should this opening go ahead, we can only allow Owners with a valid Owners Pass and who are registered on their Owner’s Account to have access to the Park as there is a requirement to keep strict control of visitors onto the park.


Facilities that will be open and what Park ours we will operate


Until the Welsh Government gives further guidance on what hospitality facilities can open, these will be limited. Further as a Park, we have strict guidelines to follow and unfortunately for the time being most facilities, including the play area, will remain closed. Additional measures will also be put in place to protect our staff and guests – we ask that you follow our procedures explicitly as failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the Park.


The general amenity areas will be open and the seafront gates will be open at the normal times of 7am – 11pm.


The main complex will be closed, although the fish and chip shop will open from the 13th July with social distancing measures put in place. Further details on this as well as opening times will be made available to you at the Park.


It has not yet been confirmed if we can open the launderette, we will let you know once we received confirmation.


For Reception purposes, the security phone will be monitored from 9am – 5pm. It will then be strictly for emergencies and Park security matters after 5pm.


You will be able to visit the main Reception from 11am-2pm Monday – Saturday and the security phone will be available for Owners who are attending the Park only (with 24 hours’ notice), or Owners who are on the Park. This will ensure you have priority and that our busy main lines do not cause you any delays.


Offsite local supermarkets and food shops are all open and many visitor attractions in Wales will start to reopen from July onwards.


Site fees and charges


In April we told you of our intention to provide credits against rents during the lockdown period for those Owners who have paid rents in 2020.  That was for 60% of the apportioned charge and for the period up to the 30th June. We are pleased to confirm that the rent credits will continue to be made for the period up to the reopening of the Park on the 13th July. This is on the same basis as before and relevant calculations made on your Owner’s Account.


In April we also confirmed that site fees would be frozen for 2021 and that the rates recharge would be much lower for 2020 and limited to the water usage element. As the Park has been closed, rates invoices were not sent out, but will be issued at the end of July (the rental credits can be used to offset these charges if your account is in credit).


Your Owner’s Account will need to be up to date financially, or your individual situation discussed with the Park’s General Manager and approval given before you will be permitted to return to the Park. If your account is not up to date and no communication has been made, your Holiday Home will be fully disconnected, and you will not be entitled to visit the Park.


Reconnection of services for your Holiday Home


During the lockdown period, we have had to disconnect some services to holiday homes. These can be reconnected, but please assist us by notifying us of when you will visit the park so this can be arranged and confirmed prior to your arrival. Due to the number of arrivals, we may not be able to connect accommodation at the point of arrival of the Owner, so please ensure you contact us if you are planning on visiting your Holiday Home.


Owners and staff safety


We would like to stress that you MUST AT ALL TIMES ensure you are adhering to health guidelines and social distancing rules. We must follow the policies set out by the Government and failure to do so could jeopardise your visits to your Holiday Home.


Thank you and welcome back!


We thank you for your continuing patience and understanding throughout this exceptionally difficult time. Things outside our control can still change at any point, so please bear with us if this does happen.


The Team at Golden Sands Holiday Park are extremely excited to see you all return and bring life back to the Park. We look forward to welcoming you back soon.


The Golden Sands Team.

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