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Cameron Treadwell, Golden Sands Holiday Park

Cameron works hard at Golden Sands Holiday Park to ensure the safety and security of all visitors and the park itself. He’s taken some time out to tell us how the lockdown has impacted his work and home life…


Are you still working during the lockdown?

Yes, I have been covering the park security and making sure that it all runs smoothly and safely.


How has your job changed during this period?

Well, it is obviously a LOT quieter than usual, but where security is concerned this can bring extra risks. Therefore, we have been doing extra patrols and have extra security working to make sure everything is safe and secure.


What has been the biggest impact of the lockdown for you?

Mainly not being able to see my family and the social side of things.


What’s the best thing about being in lockdown?

Managing to get things done at home, we only bought a house in January so it’s kind of handy.


And the worst?

Not seeing family and friends and not being able to go to Miller and Carter for a steak burger on my days off.


What’s really helping you get through this period?

Being at work and having a supportive partner at home.


What are you looking forward to most coming out of lockdown?

Like everyone else, seeing family and friends is top of the list. I can’t wait to have a bit more freedom again and most definitely a holiday!


Is there anything you would like to see continuing post-lockdown that has arisen out of this global pandemic?

The hygiene side of things, it has brought about the importance of cleanliness and hand washing and I hope people continue with this as well as giving you some personal space.



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