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Lockdown Life at Golden Sands Holiday Park


The penultimate in our lockdown series, we've got a special one coming up later this week so keep an eye out but in the meantime here's our Maintenance Manager Jimmy with his take on Lockdown Life...


Are you still working during the lockdown?

I am, I have mainly been keeping the grass nice and short and sorting out the planters on the park.


How has your job changed during this period?

I don’t have as many lads to boss about and you really notice how quiet the park is, I miss seeing the normal faces.


What has been the biggest impact of the lockdown for you?

Not too much has changed as I am still getting my hands dirty and enjoying the lovely weather we are having. After working at holiday parks for 20 years, it’s really bizarre to see how quiet Towyn has been in the height of the season.


What’s the best thing about being in lockdown?

Just having a bit of peace and quiet, listening to some good tunes whilst I work away.


And the worst?

Not seeing my work mates and having some good old banter.


What’s really helping you get through this period?

It’s been good that I can still come to work and keep myself busy.


What are you looking forward to most coming out of lockdown?

Spending some quality time with my grandkids. I’ve also missed two holidays and I really want a holiday now!


Is there anything you would like to see continuing post-lockdown that has arisen out of this global pandemic?

I just hope that people still abide by the rules and be nice to each other.


Maintenance Manager, Jimmy


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