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Laurie is the General Manager here at Golden Sands Holiday Park, so if you have been here before – you will no doubt recognise him (although his lockdown beard has grown magnificently :-). Read on to find out how the lockdown has impacted his work and home life…


Are you still working during the lockdown?

Yes, I have been working all the way through. Although the park is closed, there is still lots of things that need to be dealt with.


How has your job changed during this period?

My daily duties have changed massively. I now work anytime of the day as when I am needed. Since the start of lockdown, I have been calling caravan owners or holidaymakers, assisting with ground maintenance, moving caravans, and watering the plants daily. I have also been assisting with the security of the park and manning the emergency phone line, bin collections and servicing of equipment.


There is also daily health and safety checks which are needed to protect my team and the park.

Preparations are well in hand to have the park looking its best and ready to tackle the new normal with safe distancing. Our staff and customers safety are my priority.


What has been the biggest impact of the lockdown for you?

The biggest impact for me is not being able to do my normal job, which is running a busy and successful park that is full of holidaymakers and Owners.


What’s the best thing about being in lockdown?

I have been loving having the time for extra walks with my dog Max and spending time with my wife Kerry, which has been extra special as she is pregnant with our first child. Our daughter is due on the 25th August so we have been enjoying some precious moments before two become three.


And the worst?

Like most people, I miss seeing all my family and friends, both on and off the Park.


What’s really helping you get through this period?

What has kept me going is the thought of visiting family when lockdown is eased, as well as getting the park open again and greeting all our Owners and customers.


What are you looking forward to most coming out of lockdown?

More family time and a busy, bustling Park. It is too quiet right now!


Is there anything you would like to see continuing post-lockdown that has arisen out of this global pandemic?

It has been nice to see people being more considerate of others, helping them out if they need it and just a general increase in human kindness. I really hope that continues.


Laurie & Max

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