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Lockdown Life with Zara Rowbotham


If you’ve ever been to Golden Sands Holiday Park, you will probably recognise Zara. She is our Holiday Sales & Yield Manager and is often found in the Reception area of the Park doing her bit to ensure your holiday booking runs smoothly. Here is an insight into how the lockdown has impacted her work and home life…


Are you still working during the lockdown?


Yes, I am currently working from home over 5 days a week from 9am – 5pm. I have set up a little office which is working well for me, though it is not like my big desk in my Golden Sands office.


How has your job changed during this period?


Dramatically! I have gone from managing and working behind the scenes with a team of four people, to it now just being me. It feels like I have gone back in time to when I first started working at Golden Sands Holiday Park in 2011.

Back then there was only me as the manager, plus two members of staff and I was more front of office, answering the phones and dealing with customers daily. I have now become the front-line member of staff again, dealing with customers first hand and managing all of the incoming calls, emails, customer enquiries, refunds, holiday transfers, social media platforms – including responding to online queries.


What has been the biggest impact of the lockdown for you?


Not only is it an incredibly sad time for us all individually, but collectively at Golden Sands we are one big family and the lockdown has shattered that in pieces. Most people that work at the park spend quality time with each other outside of Golden Sands. Our holidaymakers return year after year and we have built up a great relationship with them, along with our Owners who are just spectacular.

We have not only been isolated from our family and friends; we have been isolated from every single person who we see come to enjoy what we experience every day at Golden Sands.


What’s the best thing about being in lockdown?


Being able to get my husband to do all the odd jobs around the house, as well as the garden ????.


And the worst?


Not being able to see my mum and dad and the rest of my family. We are so close as a family unit and to not be able to touch, hug, kiss or see them in the flesh is just heartbreaking.


What’s really helping you get through this period?


Being able to still work whilst being in lockdown. I think I would have gone insane if I had to sit at home doing nothing and I’m sure a divorce would have been on the cards! (only joking haha).


What are you looking forward to most coming out of lockdown?


Being able to see my family and friends and returning to the park to see my team, fellow colleagues and those lovely Owners and holidaymakers. Golden Sands Holiday Park is currently a ghost town with no cars, no people, no laughter, no excitement, and I can’t wait to see it resume back to some form of normality.


Is there anything you would like to see continuing post-lockdown that has arisen out of this global pandemic?


Yes, more interaction with our Owners and customers post-holiday after they have returned home. It has been great speaking with them all and I mean them ALL. I think I have spoken with every single customer who had booked with us from March all the way through to September, and that is a LOT of people! But it has been great to get a general census that customers really do love us and the support we have received has been incredible.



 Zara, Golden Sands Holiday Park



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