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The Firebreak Lockdown in Wales is due to be lifted on the 9th November and the Park will be permitted to re-open. However, THIS WILL ONLY BE FOR THOSE WHO LIVE IN WALES. So, if you are an Owner who lives in Wales, you will be allowed to come to your Holiday Home.


Due to the national lockdown in England, those Owners who live in England will not be permitted to enter the Park as it is currently illegal to cross the Welsh border or visit a holiday home without a valid reason.



Subletting is allowed again, but only for visitors who live in Wales. Proof of residence will be required from visitors. We will not allow entry to anyone who lives outside of Wales.


Site Fees

As outlined in our November statement, site fees for this month are calculated with the benefit of a 40% refund for the time that the Park must remain closed. Although we do expect confirmation that we can re-open the Park again from Monday 9th November, we recognise that the English lockdown will prevent Owners living in England from visiting the Park.


Therefore, as a further commitment to supporting our owners as far as we can, we will continue with the 40% refund rate until the current national lockdown restrictions in England cease; currently scheduled on the 2nd December. If the lockdown is extended beyond this date, a further update will be issued.


Please Note: If for any reason you do legitimately use your holiday home during this period for any use, you will be exempt from the refund and hence no discounts will be applied to your Owners Account.


Thank you all for your continued support. Please stay safe, we look forward to welcoming you back as soon as we can.

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